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Monday, 18 February 2013

Scrapbooking with October Afternoon 'Gravel Road'

What happens when you see a piece of scrapbook paper that you really like, but aren't sure how to use? Quite often, I won't actually buy it. If I can't see a way of using it, then although it's pretty, it's not really something I can afford to spend out on.

A while ago, I saw this video and found it pretty interesting. Even though I didn't have any scenic style paper to use, it was good to see information showing how it's possible to use it. So, when I had to order a new ring binder for my layouts, I had a quick flip through the 'sale' items (it'd be rude not to!) and I came across one of the papers Shimelle used in this video, 'Gravel Road', by October Afternoon. When I saw the video originally, I thought it might be good for use with some pictures of a old gold mining ghost town we'd visited. As it was only 23p in the sale, I didn't think there was too much to lose!

I trimmed it down, similar to the video, but not so much...

I then took the grey in the design and went rummaging for a mat for the photo. I found something from a travel themed kit I've had for years. I'm not so keen on the part that shows the washing line, and river, and bearing in mind there was no river at the place we visited (or washing!) I thought that would be a good place to put the mat. So, it currently looks like this...


The script bit of it will most likely be covered, or at least the best part of it will. I'm thinking about using this as a sort of intro page and then putting a few more photos and some journaling in a divided page protector following it in the album. That's not something I've done before so we'll see how that goes. I've got to fish out any info I have on the place, and see what else there is to add, and find out some facts about it and note them down to add to the layout. The picture I'm thinking of using is a plaque that's on a pillar there that says about the founding, and subsequent abandonment of the town, so it might be a case of the picture serving as some of the journaling.

These sort of papers don't seem to need a lot of embellishment, but of course, that depends on your style. At present, I have a couple of little things I think I might add, but they may end up on the additional pages, rather than this one.

I tried to ink the middle one, and scruff it up a bit, but I don't have any staz-on type stuff in brown, so it pretty much just came off again, as did the alcohol inks I tried. I hadn't really planned for any shiny silver metal so we'll see if that makes it in.
I like these little transport charms that, again, I've had for too long. One of the pictures I know I have is of a really broken down old car/truck type thing so that might be good. I need to research a bit more and see if the railroads of the time were part of this settlement. It was really in the middle of nowhere!
I'll come back and post the finished layout when it's done. Hope that's given you some inspiration in the meantime!
Love, Maxi

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