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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Scrapbooking Organisation

When it comes to scrapbooking, the organisation of all our lovely stash and tools is one of the hottest topics around. The web is full of images of beautiful images of beautiful scrapbook rooms, arranged to perfection and filled to the brim with goodies.

But let's face it, that's not the case for most of us. Most of us have to use the space we have carved out, and often share it with another person and/or purpose. It's tempting to pile everything into boxes and hide it away but I've found from experience that makes the actual business of scrapping, when you do get some time to sit down (or stand up) and do some, more difficult as you spend half of your precious time pulling stuff out of boxes and trying to locate things. It's hard to see what you do or don't have and consequently you can end up wasting scrapping time looking for that perfect embellishment that you think you got a while ago...

Some time ago I had a major overhaul of my scrappy stuff as I was getting into this predicament. I was wasting time in searching when I could've been scrapping. And I wasn't using stuff I had because I couldn't see it and therefore had forgotten I even had it at all. I did a lot of looking around on the Internet to get ideas, and also made use of my own design style and items I already had to find a better way for me.

It's a continually evolving process though. I have changed several things even over the relatively short time since I set up the area as I found that they weren't working for me, so did my best to find a solution that would. I then change to that, and see how that goes.

There's nothing written in stone about what scrapbooking storage should and shouldn't be. We are all individuals and what works for some, won't work for others. Some like to stuff all their die cuts into one pile and have a rummage, and some like to sort them into colours, or themes. It's the same with scraps - again, some like to mix them in one container, whilst for others this is too random and prefer to have them sorted into their respective manufacturer, theme, or colour. It's what works best for you, and your space.

Sure, get ideas and inspiration from media and the Internet but don't believe that it's that way or nothing. Don't despair that you don't have a room that looks as pretty and organised as those in the photos - they've been staged to look that good! You can bet that they don't look that way when there's any crafting going on!

Ikea was a great help in finding storage solutions for some of my items, but I also used items I had. Other stores that are worth a look are:
  •  Dunelm Mill
  •  Argos (I have a 5 drawer plastic tower drawer thing that I keep most of my tools in. It's not the prettiest but it wasn't expensive and it does the job)
  • The DIY stores
  • Don't forget to snoop around the supermarkets. They can have pretty baskets in their home departments.
  • Charity shops can also be a great source of useful items.
Of course, there are specialised companies online that make items specifically for craft so have a hunt online if you're after something particular, like photo boxes, etc.

If you're a follower of the scrappy superhero that is Glitter Girl, you may have seen her thoughts on storage video at the end of last year, but for anyone that missed it, take a look here.

In the meantime, happy scrapping, and Happy Easter!

Love, Maxi

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Using Eyelets in Scrapbooking

I recently watched a Sketch to Scrapbook Page episode which featured a banner type layout. Shimelle used eyelets to run the baker's twine through on the corners of the elements, and mentioned that she's had a few requests on ways to use eyelets. She advised that she gave most of her eyelets away to another scrapbooker several years ago so doesn't really have a big stash to use anymore.

But what if you haven't given them away, either because you do actually want to find a way of using them, or because you don't really know any other scrapbookers (outside of the US, this isn't an uncommon thing!), or a bit of both?

It got me thinking. I have a collection of eyelets which I bought several years ago now, and haven't used a tonne of them. My style has developed and changed, and they're not something I would probably buy now, but on the other hand, I don't just want to chuck them out.

Of course, there is the usual sort of thing, such as using them to reinforce tag holes, thread ribbon or twine through, use as flower centres, but I wanted to find some new ways that would use some up. Here are a few ideas I came up with:

  • Rainbows are really popular as a motif right now. Try making an 'eyelet rainbow' as an element on the page. It can either go direct on the page, or you could create it on a tag to be attached to a project. Draw a rainbow shape (either freehand or using a circle stencil), and then fill in the lines with eyelets. And don't think you have to stick to the standard rainbow colours; adapt to fit your colour theme!

  • Use a line of eyelets instead of washi tape or a border sticker. You'll still get the colour, but with added texture.

  • Outline a tag or journaling spot with eyelets, giving it a frame and drawing attention to the words.

  • If you have any metallic coloured ones, they can really add to masculine pages. Make a frame around a photo of your man, whether he's 6 or 60!

  • Mix them in with newer products in embellishment clusters. Mixing old with new always helps things look a little more up to date.

  • If you're doing a 'cowboy' page (from Hallowe'en, or a birthday party, or if that's just your thing!), I have to say they make great 'bullet holes'!

  • If you have any themed ones, then take a cue from the shape of the eyelet to create an embellishment on that theme; eg: If you have heart eyelets, draw a heart in pencil, then fill in the shape with eyelets of that shape.

I hope that's helped give you a few extra ideas with what to do with eyelets. I'd love to see the results if you try any of the ideas, so please leave a comment with a link to the photo of your project.

Happy Stash Busting!

Love, Maxi

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Scrapbooking with Scenic Paper - Part 2

On the last post, I showed what I had in mind for the piece of October Afternoon 'Gravel Road' scenic style paper I had bought on sale, as a bit of an experiment.

This is the final result:

Apologies for the slight reflection in the top left corner, as this was photographed once I'd put it into the page protector.
I'm not one for leaving off journaling but this paper makes it a bit difficult to put much writing in, without it feeling overcrowded, to me at least, but I'm sure that's a personal thing. I do have information that I'd like to include about the place - some facts and figures, as I like that sort of thing, plus our own feelings about what we thought of the place, and how it was a little different from what I was expecting. I haven't yet decided as to whether to go ahead with the divided page protector style or another 'standard' layout, possibly a double one in order to get some more of the photos on show that helps show the total abandonment of the place.
I chose this photo to go on the first layout because I thought it gave an idea as to how out in the middle of nowhere this place was. The background layer (that you can just see beneath the brown cardstock) is an Echo Park paper I think, from the Everyday Eclectic collection. Then the cardstock, just from stash but most of mine is DCWV stock piled from a while ago that I'm trying to gradually use up.
The embellishments are some I've had for quite some time; I cannot remember where I got the little camera from. It's actually a charm, and came in a pack with an old fashioned car, plane, and suitcase. I snipped off the 'hole' bit that you would thread twine or ribbon through off, and stuck it on with a couple of foam pads. The 'scenery' sticker is from a pack I bought out in the States at a little shop we visited and the metal 'California' charm is from Eyelet Outlet. Again, these are several years old so I don't know if they still do them. At the time, they did various States, so you may see some Florida ones popping up as I try and use up some of the stash I've had for far too long.
I hope you like the layout!
Love, Maxi