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Monday, 12 December 2011

Journal Your Christmas - Part 2

I'm already way behind with this project. I haven't even read the last couple of prompts although I have downloaded them so that I can when I get a minute!

The prompts themselves are a good exercise in journalling if that's something you struggle with in your scrapbooking, but don't think you can't do this class if you really aren't one who wants to put many words on a page. I've seen examples of other participants whose pages don't have much journalling and they look just as fabulous, focussing on the image side.

I think in the end I'll probably end up with a fair bit of the wordy stuff, probably an off shoot of being a writer, but that's fine with me. That's assuming I get around to putting the remaining pages together and getting the words actually on them! For the moment, the earlier pages are done, but the last week or so isn't. I've been scribbling the journalling in a notebook for when I have time to transcribe it to its rightful place.

As for the photos, I've decided that it's going to be easier (not to mention cheaper) to put in an order for all of them once I'm done. I did think about printing them out at home in order to make it look a bit more complete as I went along but I've decided the more economical way is better. In the meantime, I've made a folder in my Pictures folder called 'Journal Your Christmas 2011' and am putting the photos I want to use in there. I'm putting the relevant day in the picture's title so that when I come to it, I can go through quickly and put them into the right order and get them on the right pages (hopefully!).

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