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Friday, 2 December 2011

Felt Flower Cushion

A while ago I saw Debbie Shore advertising her latest DVD (at the time, she since has a new one out) which was about making cushions. Now, whilst I've made plenty of cushions over the years, I love getting inspiration and seeing how others do things. I don't think you can or should ever stop learning. One particular cushion caught my eye. It was covered in floppy felt flowers and looked fabulous! I'd seen similar things in the shops but at ridiculous prices. It clinched the deal and off went my order!

I've now finally got around to making my first flower cushion. The centres of the flowers were finished off with faux pearls. I hope you like it!

Debbie now has her shop online and also puts up free videos on You Tube showing various projects and how to make them. Go and have a look here. I highly recommend it!

I really enjoyed making this cushion, although I had a couple of false starts getting the flowers on but once you get the knack it's ok. I'd also probably recommend a walking foot to put the two sides together if you have one. I didn't use one this time but I might do next time as the felt did want to 'stick' a bit.

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Happy sewing!

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