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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sauce, Soup and Sewing

Be patient with me. This is the second time I've written this post having accidentally hit the close button before it was saved to draft...

So, where was I?

This year was a bit of an experiment when it came to growing tomatoes. At least it was supposed to be . Unfortunately, here in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter pointedly refused to exit stage left as per its script, and hung around far longer than it was welcome. This meant that the tomato plants couldn't go out when they should have and were far lankier going in the ground than was ideal. Still, in they went and after some feed and only one demise, they romped off and have been fruiting for a while. It's getting to that kind of time here when the harvesting period starts in earnest and today's chore is to pick some of these...

The idea this year was to try an experiment to see which varieties performed the best so that we could concentrate on them another year. Unfortunately, with the weird weather throwing a spanner in the works, this hasn't exactly gone to plan. And it seems that ones that have completely underperformed for me have been doing just fine for my Dad. So, we'll see.
I'll also be picking some of these...
I just wash them and freeze them whole. This enables me to grab one whenever I need one for something. They take moments to start to defrost and are easily chopped up in the early stages of this process. Actually it's far easier to do it then as they can go a bit limp if you let them defrost entirely prior to cooking.
I also wanted to share some new fabric with you...
Back in May, I had a letter printed in Sew Magazine and as a prize, received a £10 Sew Box voucher. I finally got around to spending this and put it towards some Liberty fabric. Being pricey, I only got a metre but I'm hoping to make a simple skirt out of it. It's cotton lawn so should hang nice and floaty. I may well do a toile version with something less precious before snipping into my lovely prize. I'll keep you posted, but just thought I'd share the joy of Liberty in the meantime!
In the meantime, happy sewing and harvesting! 


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