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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Recycling For Wrapping Presents

As part of my best friend's Christmas present, we got her an 'Experience' voucher. As you probably know, you can have this sent to you in a gift box type thing, which you pay extra for or you can just have it emailed. I chose the latter, thinking that I had plenty of supplies to do something pretty with it.

I printed out the email on some heavyweight paper and then went rummaging. It was then I came across some packaging my husband had brought home for me, in case I was able to use it for something (yes, he is well trained!).

So, from a boring plastic envelope, the piece became transformed, with the help of some washi tape and flowers, and a little bling into this...

The flap where the flower is lifts up and the documentation, telling her about her (hopefully fun!) experience is inside. She thought it was absolutely lovely so that made my day, and it was also nice to give something that looked pretty, rather than just handing over a piece of paper. And all of it was with supplies I already had to hand, plus the base packaging which otherwise would have been tossed in the bin!
I hope you like the result too, and may help you look at discarded packaging in a new light. If anyone else has done anything like this, I'd love to see it :) Please leave a link in the comments.
Love, Maxi


  1. Hi Maxi, it looks great. I like to use those plastic envelope style folders and add a ribbon to make a long strap. That way carrying papers is easy and smart! Happy New Year

  2. Ooh I'd love to see a picture! :)


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